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Personal EGD Projects

CASE STUDY 1: Reviving San Jose Diridon Station

If you have ever been to San Jose Diridon Station located in the heart of Silicon Valley, you know the train station is not inviting or user-friendly at all. I commute by train to work from this train station everyday. I can’t count the times that first-time riders have stopped to ask which train to take to go to ___ (local, limit or bullet train), if the next train stops at ___, or which platform (track) to wait at. I’ve been frustrated by how the station lacks functionality and visual interest because of poor wayfinding and sign design.
– Add blade sign to number platform/track number for better visibility
– Improve timetable chart clearly displaying trains’ departure time, number, type, track and stops, in addition to current local time and other updates
– Add fun and welcoming environmental graphics

CASE STUDY 2: Storefront Sign for Oyatsuya

Disclaimer: These projects may not reflect the views or plans of Caltrain and Oyatsuya.